Responsible supply chain, industrial, and market development of aguaje and acai oils, for the premium skin care industry, as a conservation and social development strategy in tropical forests

Strengthen corporate strategies for conservation and local social development that promote equal opportunities through the creation of fair jobs with a gender focus and the enhancement of forest ecosystems through the sustainable use of non-timber forest products, industrial development, and the marketing of value-added products to specialized global markets; ensure the protection and conservation of […]

Green Saving Account Mechanism (GSAM)

The Green Savings Account Mechanism (GSAM) is based on the well-established Savings Account Mechanism (SAM). A GSAM is a differentiated mechanism with costs and financial benefits similar to a SAM, but through which clients have their financial services company (FSC) channel an economic contribution to support protected areas (PA) in the Peruvian Amazon. This contribution […]

Carlos Ponce Conservation Award Program

Contribute to building and strengthening Peru’s capacity to respond effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner to environmental and biodiversity conservation challenges to ensure the country’s sustainable development.

Strengthening the management of the Illescas national reserve

Strengthen the management of the Illescas National Reserve, conserving biodiversity and the continued provision of ecosystem services, in order to contribute to economic development and greater social inclusion of the local population of the Natural Protected Area.

Entrepreneurs for Cotahuasi

Reduce the gaps in the management of the Cotahuasi Sub-basin Landscape Reserve, directing efforts to reduce the loss of ecosystem services in the headwaters of the Ocoña river basin.

Inclusive Governance of Peru’s Protected Areas

Strengthen protected areas management committees for inclusive participation and governance, financial sustainability, and effective management of Peru’s National System of Protected Areas.

Development of Sustainable Industrial Zones in Peru

Co-finance with Non-Reimbursable Resources (NRR) investments to increase the adoption and dissemination of low carbon and clean technologies and practices, reducing Unintentional Persistent Organic Pollutants and greenhouse gases (GHG) in companies located in industrial zones of Lima and Callao

Contingency Fund for Environmental Remediation

Victoria Regia Lilys Muyuna 14Nov08

Execute environmental remediation actions for sites impacted as a result of hydrocarbon activities that involve risks to health and the environment, which merit priority and exceptional attention from the State.

Securing the future of Peru’s NPAs.

Promote long-term financial sustainability for the effective management of Peru’s National System of Natural Protected Areas (SINANPE for its acronym in Spanish) and the protection of globally important biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Amazon biome.

Paracas Endowment Fund

Implement the programs, projects and activities contained in the Master Plan of the Paracas National Reserve.

Guaneras Endowment Fund

Implement the programs, projects and activities contained in the Master Plan of the Sistema de Islas, Islotes y Puntas Guaneras National Reserve