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Institutional Policies for Project Implementation

This section contains all of the policies that Profonanpe manages for the implementation of programs and projects in Peru, both at the fiduciary level and in terms of environmental, social, and gender safeguards. Public and private institutions and independent consultants executing projects with funds managed by Profonanpe must develop their activities within the framework of the following policies, which in turn are in accordance with donor requirements.

Environmental, Social and Gender

August 2022
The Complaints Attention Mechanism is aimed at the different actors involved in Profonanpe's actions, as well as in the implementation of its interventions. In turn, it contributes to the defense of human rights, to the search for the effective participation of the parties, to access to information, and to the promotion of social welfare and sustainable development.


Diciembre 2018
Code of ethics and implementation protocol
The main objective of this document is to outline the general guidelines for the behavior that our employees and consultants/suppliers hired to provide professional services must maintain.
Diciembre 2018
Standards for the prevention and fight against corruption, terrorism and others.
Profonanpe manages a series of norms regarding the Prevention and Fight against Corruption that aim to prevent and combat fraud and corruption that may occur in relation to the use of funds during the preparation and/or execution of a project through Profonanpe.
Diciembre 2018
Guideline to prevent conflict of interest
Among the duties under the scope of application of the Code of Ethics, is the duty of Neutrality, by which one must act with absolute political, economic or any other kind of impartiality in the performance of their duties or services commissioned or contracted.
Diciembre 2018
Administrative guidelines
These guidelines regulate the processes of disbursement of funds, accountability, contracting and procurement of services, goods and works, evaluation of the quality of the products generated by a contract, and approval of the results of the same, among other procedures.

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