Profonanpe, we provide natural trust and security.

Institutional Principles

As an entity responsible for the management of resources granted by third parties, at Profonanpe we express zero tolerance for conflict of interest, fraud, corruption, financial mismanagement and any other form of malpractice.

We strive to maintain transparent management, responding to the high international standards applied by bilateral and multilateral organizations.

We also promote a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion that guarantees equal opportunities and non-discriminatory, fair and impartial treatment of people in all areas in which our organization is involved, without prejudice associated with culture, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

To ensure compliance with these and other provisions, we have an Internal Work Regulation that regulates the relations and working conditions of our employees during the performance of their duties in order to maintain harmony and discipline at work.

Code of Ethics and Guidelines to prevent conflict of interest and the fight against corruption

Profonanpe has a Code of Ethics that establishes the standards of ethical behavior of its employees, duties, prohibitions and applicable sanctions in case of misconduct in order to ensure an integrated environment for proper management, framed in morality, honesty and personal ethics.

The Guidelines For Preventing Conflicts Of Interest are derived from The Code Of Ethics and aim to establish the procedure to be followed by Profonanpe personnel to avoid situations that lead to these conflicts and to define the appropriate action to take in the event of such conflicts.

On the other hand, the Guidelines for Preventing and Fighting Corruption establish the general principles, requirements and sanctions applicable to people and entities that receive funds administered by Profonanpe for the preparation and/or execution of programs and projects, whether through inter-institutional cooperation agreements or contracts.

It should be noted that Profonanpe guarantees that its partners act in accordance with institutional ethics and that the resources it administers come from reliable sources.


We invite you to review our Code of Ethics and to read our Guidelines for the Prevention of Conflict of Interest and the Prevention and Fight against Corruption by clicking on the corresponding icons.

Statement on Internal Control at Profonanpe

Internal Control is inherent to the functions that Profonanpe performs as an environmental fund, which is why we guarantee the efficiency and transparency of our processes, the reliability of the information we handle, the safeguarding of the resources we manage, and accountability, in accordance with international internal control standards.

Likewise, Profonanpe contracts independent external audits to evaluate its institutional and project management, where in addition to the financial statements, compliance with the contracts and agreements signed by the institution is verified. It should be noted that external audits are carried out in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Help us to keep improving

Profonanpe has a mechanism for denouncing and/or reporting any non-compliance with the institutional Code of Ethics and/or the aforementioned guidelines, as part of the control and oversight process of the projects it manages, as well as the registration of complaints regarding the application of administrative procedures.


In the event of a person wishing to report any non-compliance with the Code of Ethics or the guidelines, they may do so in two ways:

  • Virtually, on our website, for cases of complaints and denunciations, by clicking on the corresponding icons below and completing the information that is requested.

  • Physically, by completing the form available here. Complete the information that is required, including personal data (names, surnames, address, telephone number), copies of the supporting documents of the report and, if possible, a written document. Once all the documents are duly completed, they should be sent in a sealed envelope to our Profonanpe offices at Av. Parque Gonzales Prada N°396, Magdalena del Mar – Perú.

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