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What qualifies as a complaint?

A Complaint is a claim or protest formulated by a person or entity, due to a disagreement or non-conformity with any of the processes or services provided by Profonanpe. The following are grounds for Complaints:

  • Non-compliance with any procedure of established deadlines.
  • Delay in the payment of a service or work.
  • Delay in the preparation of a contract.
  • Poor attention or hostile treatment by Profonanpe personnel.
  • Others of a similar nature.

The complaint may refer to workers, consultants and, in general, to people and/or suppliers who provide services in and for Profonanpe.

In-person channel

Complete the form available here, then send the document in a sealed envelope to our Profonanpe offices at Av. Parque Gonzales Prada N°396, Magdalena del Mar – Perú.

Complaint resolution

Download below the resolution of complaints issued to Profonanpe.

Virtual channel

In case you have any complaints, fill out the form below.

(Optional) In case, file the complaint with a specific person
Attach evidence
Formats: png, jpg, gif, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, with a maximum weight of 1mb in total .
If the document you want to attach has a greater weight, you can upload it to the corresponding email that will arrive at the end of the registration
Additional data of the person making the complaint
Residence Information:

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