Your strategic ally in natural preservation

It is made up of 8 members, who are the entity’s highest decision-making body

Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Modesto Montoya

Minister of the Environment

Representative of the Ministry of the Environment

Representatives of the public sector:

Oscar Altamirano

Regional Governor of Amazonas

Principal Representative of the Regional Governments

José Ramírez


Representative of the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State

Vladimir Rodríguez Cairo

Representative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations

Martha Cuentas

Martha Cuentas

Executive Director of FOVIDA

Representative of the National Association of Centers

Jaime Nalvarte

Executive Director of AIDER

Representative of the National Association of Centers

Representatives of the private business sector and international cooperation:

Florian Theus

International Cooperation Representative

Viveca Amoros

Legal Manager of CONFIEP

Legal Representative of the business associations

Among its main functions, the following stand out:

Organization of its Internal Regime.

Approve the general guidelines and directives.

Appoint and remove the Executive Director(s).

Approve the annual budget and operational plans

Approve the modification of the statute.

Execute necessary actions for the operation of Profonanpe

Delegate the necessary power for institutional administration.

Supervise the administration of the institution's resources, in accordance with the institution's objectives.

Take responsibility for the results of external audits..

Manage the evaluation of results and use of resources of the projects.

Approve the agreements to be entered into with new contributions and ensure that the financial programs are within the guidelines of said agreements.

Approve, together with the project executors, the conditions of the agreement.

Approve the general and specific conditions that will govern the financing agreements signed by Profonanpe with the executors of the selected projects.

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