Allies for the conservation of nature

We are the Peruvian environmental fund that provides innovative alternatives for the care of the environment.

Resilient Fishing

In the fishing coves of our country, fishing communities are silently fighting against climate change.

Wetlands for Life

Resilience, Livelihoods, and Sustainability: Together for a Greener Future in the Datem del Marañón Province.”

Projects that make a change in the environment

We are the Peruvian environmental fund that provides innovative alternatives for the care of the environment.

Allies for the conservation of nature

We are the Peruvian environmental fund that provides innovative alternatives for taking care of the environment.

Design of initiatives

We implement
sustainable development projects, managing funds for their efficient execution.

Nature Fund

We facilitate
the raising of complementary financial resources, achieving the highest return on funds.

Sustainable Nature

We ensure long-term financing, managing intangible or preserved funds for a long period of time.

Those who trust in our responsible action

Green Climate Fund

Protecting nature throughout the country

We manage projects of great environmental impact for all communities in Peru.

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The only environmental fund in Peru with international recognition

We work hand in hand with the actors of change and the communities that need it most. Get to know the change.

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Day to day in our world


Project launched to conserve the wild ecosystems of our Amazon región


Environmental financing opportunities


Roundtables 2023: Strengthening the construction of Peru’s environmental agenda


Twenty-five business ventures and 8 research projects received funding for their impact on Protected Natural Areas


Peruvian Amazon stores the third largest carbon stock in the world


Conserva Aves launches calls for proposals for up to $150,000 to protect Key Biodiversity Areas in Peru


Climate change, missions and innovation


Largest environmental meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean to be held in Cusco


Profonanpe joins the alliance for the conservation of Amazonia


Profonanpe the Peruvian National Chamber of Tourism sign alliance to promote sustainability in the tourism sector


Start-up plan launched to combat deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon


4th Biodiversity Festival celebrates and recognizes the work of conservation initiatives


Learn about 5 scientific investigations that will strengthen the management of our marine-coastal protected natural areas.


5 female content creators from Ayacucho, Ucayali, Cusco and Lima are the new Environmental Reporters of Peru


Norway and Peru start actions to reduce more than 44 million tons of CO2 in the Peruvian Amazon


Profonanpe and Aidesep sign agreement for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of indigenous peoples of the Amazon


Youth leaders develop a plan to create the first Youth Network for Agrobiodiversity


Lares in the eyes of the world: plan presented that highlights the work of farmers for the sustainable management of agricultural landscapes.

More than 50 successful green projects

Jens Mackensen
Profonananpe is a strategic ally in the support of the conservation and protection of our biodiversity, as well as an important support for the different Peruvian and international counterparts, who seek to do their part to change the paradigms regarding the vision we have of nature and the ecosystem services we receive from it. Thanks to Profonanpe, it has been possible to channel funding for the implementation of different projects that seek to enhance the value of our biodiversity.

Jens Mackensen


Zdenka Piskulich
Profonananpe’s track record and effectiveness makes it a leading fund and an example to follow in Latin America. It is an institution that is capable of fusing institutional solidity with a great capacity to innovate and reinvent itself, without losing sight of its primary objective: the conservation of biodiversity. Personally, I have had the opportunity to get to know many of its collaborators over the last 10 years and I can attest to their human and technical qualities.

Zdenka Piskulich

Forever Costa Rica

Luis Espinel
Conservation International has worked with Profonanpe for several decades, joining efforts for the administration and management of financial resources, such as those of the First Debt-for-Nature Swap in Peru, which contributed to the conservation of Natural Protected Areas, as also today, with the endowment fund of the Vilcanota Conservation Corridor, the recovery of the Polylepis forests with the rural communities of Cusco is assured. Profonananpe is also a benchmark for Environmental Funds in Latin America and the Caribbean, always seeking innovation in its investments and creating models of financial sustainability for development and conservation.

Luis Espinel

Conservation International

Renee Gonzales
It is an honor for the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature to have Profonanpe as a partner. Since the founding of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds in 1999, Profonananpe has been a fundamental partner in the exchange of experiences and in the creation and innovation of financial mechanisms for the conservation of natural resources. We are very grateful for their generosity in sharing their lessons learned from supporting natural protected areas up to accreditation by the Green Climate Fund, with Profonanpe being their first direct access entity. We foresee many opportunities for collaboration in the future and look forward to working together to conserve the great biodiversity and culture of our countries.

Renée Gonzales

Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature

Jose Fernandez
As the implementing partner of the Castañas project in Madre de Dios, Profonanpe proved to be a solid organization with a team that is very committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the country’s natural heritage. The Castañas project had excellent results thanks to the attention that Profonanpe’s team paid to technical, social, political, economic and gender aspects, maintaining a close relationship of trust with the beneficiaries.

Jaime Fernandez


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