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Environmental and Social Management System of the Financial Facility for Amazonian biobusinesses

Autores: Profonanpe

Publicación: 2022

Profonanpe is preparing a financing proposal for the Green Climate Fund called “Financial facility for Amazonian biobusinesses” which provides a solution to conserve Peruvian forests and increase carbon sinks through sustainable forest management through investment in organic business. Based on Profonanpe’s social and environmental commitments to the environment and the population, the Facility’s Environmental and Social Management System is published, which describes the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and commitments that support the activities of Profonanpe.

Assessment of Social and Environmental Aspects of BioBusinesses of the Project “Building the Resilience of Wetlands in the Province of Datem del Marañón in Peru”

Autores: Garay, Carolina

Publicación: 2021

The project “Building the Resilience of Wetlands in the Province of Datem del Marañón in Peru” was born in 2015 as an initiative of Profonanpe, with the purpose of promoting the conservation of the carbon stock stored in the wetlands of this region. This initiative is the first project worldwide financed by the Green Climate Fund, in cooperation with the Korean government and co-financing of Profonanpe. This document is an excerpt of the report of the application of the screening tool in the biobusinesses under implementation during the first months of 2020, considering the ESS Policies of GCF and Profonanpe’s Environmental and Social Policies.

Profonanpe: 20 years preserving Peru’s biodiversity.

Autores: Profonanpe

Publicación: 2012

This book presents Profonanpe’s track record and experiences in the world of conservation, through its history and testimonies of several of its strategic partners over time.

Huancabamba: Páramos, Forests and Biodiversity.

Autores: Jorge Novoa Cova; Segundo Crespo More; Paolo Villegas Ogoña

Publicación: 2011

Publication developed within the framework of the “Integrated Management and Sustainable Use of the Great Inca Trail – Huancabamba Caxas” Project (2008 – 2011), implemented by the Mountain Institute and financed by Profonanpe – Peru Finland Fund. It describes the main Andean landscapes that characterize the mountain ecosystems of the Huancabamba province. It is a dissemination material that deals with the biological richness and ecological importance that these ecosystems represent, not only as habitat for flora and fauna species, but also as spaces of cultural expression for local communities that depend on them for their survival.
Actividades REDD+ en el Perú

REDD+ activities in Peru. Analysis of REDD+ pilot projects in the departments of Madre de Dios and San Martin, with special focus on their implications on biodiversity.

Autores: Entenmann, Steffen

Publicación: 2012

The book presents an overview of emerging REDD+ pilot projects in Peru, based on field research and interviews conducted in 2010. It shows the great diversity in the groups of actors involved in the development and implementation of the projects and highlights the first lessons learned.

Regional Conservation Areas and Municipal Conservation Areas.

Autores: Pedro Solano; Bruno Monteferri

Publicación: 2009

The purpose of the publication is to present a status report on the legal regime of regional conservation areas (RCAs) and municipal conservation areas (MCAs) and to put forward proposals for their consolidation. Several regional and municipal governments have opted for these figures within the framework of decentralization and land use planning processes.