Effective management of natural protected areas

Strengthen SERNANP’s management and the management model of the selected NPAs for the effective and sustainable achievement of their objectives as defined in the Director Plan and Master Plans and that are consistent with the goals of the Strategic Plan for Biological Diversity 2011 – 2020.

REDD of the Cordillera Azul National Park (PNCAZ for its acronym in Spanish)

Prevent deforestation in the PNCAZ based on 3 main goals: (I) strengthening the park’s protection strategy; (II) using a participatory model to involve local communities and other stakeholders in the park’s management and financial sustainability; and (III) building local capacity for sustainable land use and improving the quality of life of the buffer zone communities.

Integrated management program for Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary

Consolidate the processes initiated for the conservation of the exceptionally rich and diverse nature and the environmental protection of the extraordinary archeological remains of the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary (HS) and increase their contribution to sustainable regional development.

Financing of recurrent costs of 6 NPAs

Contribute to the protection and conservation of biological diversity and natural resources in natural protected areas by strengthening the administration of these areas.

Canada Trust Fund

Promote the effective conservation of NPAs through diverse programs with the local population and make these areas sustainable sources of economic resources for their inhabitants and neighbors.