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Find the financing opportunity to support your projects

If you are looking to contribute to sustainable development in the country, conservation, and promote climate change mitigation measures, find the financing program you need.

Profonanpe, the Peruvian Environmental Fund, is an ally of organizations that work for the conservation of nature. Therefore, we share some funding opportunities that can add to your project to contribute to sustainable development in the country, conservation, promote climate change mitigation measures, promote the care of agrobiodiversity, among others.


  • Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge: Initiative that helps young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators between 18 and 30 years old to explore, initiate or grow their social or environmental proposals in relation to one of the United Nations sustainable development goals. Closing date: November 9. Apply here.


  • WWF Reforestation Allowances: It supports local communities and organizations to restore native forest ecosystems and reverse degradation. Forest landscape restoration and reforestation activities must be conducted in WWF US priority areas, and include an active learning, hands-on skills component or a field learning activity. Closing date: November 30. Apply here.


  • THRIVE/Shell Climate-Smart Agriculture Challenge: Initiatives that identify and support leading start-up and scale-up innovators who are driving the global transformation to climate-smart agriculture practices are participating. The key objective of the challenge is to identify and promote innovations that help farmers improve land, connect farms and measure soil. Closing date: December 11. Apply here.


  • Grants from New England Biolabs Foundation: Supports grassroots organizations and other NGOs working to conserve biological diversity; sustain cultural diversity; maintain ecosystem services; support food sovereignty and economic vitality of local communities; regarding the marine environment, maintain healthy reefs and fisheries. There is no closing date. Apply here.


  • Fundación Rufford: Offers grants for nature conservation projects in developing countries. As a primary requirement your proposal must be pragmatic in nature and have a substantial and lasting impact. You should also consider the participation of the community within your scope of action. There is no closing date. Submit your proposal here.


  • Grant program from OFID: It has several financing schemes that include public sector loans, private sector support and grant financing. Its focus areas are energy, agriculture, water and sanitation, health and education. Its grant program focuses on technical assistance, support for the people of Palestine, energy poverty, HIV/AIDS program, research or similar intellectual activities and emergency relief. There is no closing date. Submit your proposal here.
Comunicaciones Profonanpe

Comunicaciones Profonanpe

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Profonanpe and the British Embassy in Peru held a seminar on the use of renewable energies in indigenous territories.


These are the financing opportunities you were looking for


Profonanpe will be the organizer of the RedLAC 2023 Congress, to be held in Cusco


Profonanpe and CONAP sign agreement for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development


Profonanpe and ANECAP signed an agreement to strengthen inter-institutional work for the sustainable development of communal reserves


Sernanp and Profonanpe launch the third edition of the Entrepreneurs for Nature contest to promote sustainable ventures in protected áreas