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Environmental financing opportunities in March

At Profonanpe, the Peruvian Environmental Fund, we care about the work of your organization in favor of nature conservation. That is why we share with you some funding and training opportunities that you can apply for in March and that can add to your project to contribute to climate change adaptation, sustainable development, among others.


  •  Call for Applications: Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis, a year-long program aimed at accelerating community-based cultural practices committed to a focus on climate justice that recognizes the social, political and economic dimensions of the environmental crisis. The program brings together 12 mid-career artists and cultural professionals (± 8-15 years of relevant professional experience) with four mentors, all working in a variety of disciplines and environmental issues. Deadline: March 21. Apply here.


  • National Geographic Society offering Funding for Freshwater Conservation, The National Geographic Society is seeking proposals for a funding opportunity focused on freshwater conservation. Deadline: March 25. Apply here.


  • Call for Applications: Climate Challenge, seeks innovators who will develop solutions at the agro-energy nexus and play a vital role in ensuring a sustainable future for the global community. The challenge aims to identify and promote innovations aligned with the following themes: Advancing the biofuels value chain (Improving and enhancing biofuel crops, Supply chain transparency, Innovative biofuel production); On-farm energy (Electric vehicle infrastructure, Agrivoltaics/solar, geothermal, Land management, Agricultural waste to energy, On-farm efficiency; Water management (Agricultural water metering, reporting and verification, Incentivizing sustainable water management, Irrigation innovation, Water treatment and reuse). Deadline: March 29. Apply here.


  • Forest Restoration Grants: Advancing locally driven Forest Restoration, a competitive Community Forest Restoration grant aims to strengthen the efforts of previously funded local organizations with on-the-ground results that connect previous work to efficiently and effectively deliver collaborative, nature-based solutions to improve long-term community forest restoration. Deadline: March 30. Apply here.


  • Grants available to improve Ocean Health. 11th Hour Racing offers grants to improve ocean health. By supporting local pilot programs that model sustainability best practices, restore coastal ecosystems and promote ocean stewardship. Deadline: March 31. Apply here.


  • Call for Applications: Restoration Field Projects, Global Land Initiative is undertaking a number of activities around the world to promote land restoration at scale. These include sharing and showcasing best practices, working with the private sector to see restoration as a business opportunity, working with civil society to promote advocacy for land restoration, and working with global universities to develop large-scale restoration capabilities. As part of its activities, the Global Land Initiative is interested in supporting up to 60 field restoration projects undertaken by civil society organizations with a view to promoting community action for land restoration. Deadline: March 31. Apply here.


  • Call for Proposals: Impact Finance for Global Value Chain to support SMEs in the Commodity Sector, The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) invites applications for financial support of qualified projects along the commodity value chains of SMEs and other enterprises for poverty alleviation. Deadline: April 1. Apply here.


  • Innovation Call: Advancing Digital Innovation for Smallholder Farmers in Latin America, Innovation call will select up to 14 entities that offer solutions using agricultural technologies and digital tools (agritech) to improve the profitability of smallholder farmers in six countries (Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay and Peru) in Latin America, improving their resilience to climate change. Deadline: April 12. Apply here.
Comunicaciones Profonanpe

Comunicaciones Profonanpe

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