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#AnimalFans: Run Run OnlyFans account launched to help animal rescue centers

The money collected will be donated to nine animal rescue centers that have been seriously affected as a result of COVID-19.

November 2021. – As part of the #AnimalFans campaign, Profonanpe, Peruvian Environmental Fund, announced the creation of an Only Fans account of the fox named Run Run, a wild animal that has caught the attention of Peruvians in recent days, in order to generate interest and reflection on the trafficking of these wild animals.


Every year, around 5,000 live wildlife specimens are seized from the illegal market and need to be rehabilitated, due to the terrible sanitary conditions in which most of them are found: wounded, dehydrated, malnourished, with skin lesions, some of them in agony.


In this regard, Profonanpe’s vision for the future is that the authorized rescue centers will also be properly equipped, with adequate facilities for their maintenance until their rehabilitation and, if possible, release into the wild.


“The purpose of the OnlyFans platform – in our #AnimalFans version- is to make the problem of illegal wildlife trafficking visible through the story of Run Run, so that it becomes known and does not happen again. We will be constantly updating about the new life that awaits Run Run, because we are all #AnimalFans in different ways,” mentioned Claudia Godfrey, Director of Innovation and Strategic Management of Profonanpe.


The fundraising began this Tuesday, November 9 and will continue until the goal of S/20,000 soles is reached. However, according to Godfrey, this is a long-term initiative that requires a long-term awareness so that we all understand little by little that wild animals are not domestic.


The Run Run case has raised public awareness and has highlighted the urgency of controlling illegal wildlife trafficking, which is the second most important threat to biodiversity after habitat loss, not only in Peru but worldwide, and is the fourth largest illicit business in the world.


“We know that people have been very attentive to the Run Run case and this is very important to make the problem of illegal wildlife trafficking more visible and, in the long term, to raise awareness about the importance of animals not being taken from their natural habitat or traded, as this puts at risk the biodiversity and sustainability of our planet and also the health of people,” pointed out the Profonanpe representative.


While people can enter to learn about Run Run’s story on OnlyFans, the collection is done through Profonanpe’s platform. Donations can be made through Yape, Niubiz by debit or credit card, and by wire transfer.


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