Integrity at Profonanpe

Institutional Principles

Profonanpe follows strict personal and professional ethical standards, including those enforced by bilateral and multilateral organizations.

We are commitment to comply with ethical principles, prevent and fight corruption, and keep an efficient and transparent organization ensuring the proper use of resources trusted us by donors.

Also, Profonanpe fosters fair and respectful treatment to all of our personnel, in a safe and healthy work environment. We promote mutual support, equal opportunities and professional development within our organization. We give a warm treatment to our projects’ stewards and suppliers’ personnel, providing them with total transparency the information they may require to reach their objectives.

To ensure compliance with these and other principles, our Internal Work Regul ation set forth standards and procedures to govern our processes, aiming at puttring together harmonious work teams aware of their rights and benefits as collaborators, and of their duties toward our organization.

Code of Ethics

Profonanpe’s Code of Ethics encourages a healthy management environment framed by individual morality, honesty and ethics.

We invite to review our Code of Ethics and visit our website related to the Prevention and Fight against Corruption, by clicking in the following icons.

Profonanpe’s whistle-blowing mechanism allows reporting breaches to the organization’s Code of Ethics as part of the monitoring and control process for the projects it manages. Also as well is has a record of complaints about the application of administrative procedures.

To report a breach to the Code of Ethics, you may do it:

  • Virtually, through our website, for reports and complaints, by clicking in the corresponding icons filling the information required.
  • Physically, by filling the form available here. Complete the information required, including personal data (name, last name, address, telephone number), copies of substantiating documents and -if possible- a written statement. Once you have completed all documents, send them to the following direction.



Profonanpe Av. Javier Prado Oeste 2378, San Isidro, Lima 27 - Perú



We would appreciate the review of the whole Code of Ethics before making a report or a complaint.