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Investment projects with local populations

Our board of directors

The Board of Directors is Profonanpe’s highest governing body and instance. Its eight members are:

  • Four government representatives:
    • The Ministry of Environment or his/her representative
    • The Head of the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State
    • One representative from the Ministry of Economy and Finance
    • One representative from the Regional Governments
  • Two representatives from non-governmental organizations with an acknowledged track record in natural protected areas.
  • One representative from private business.
  • One representative from international cooperation.

Their main functions are the following:

  • Organize their operational regime.
  • Approve Profonanpe’s general directions and guidelines.
  • Appoint or remove the Executive Director.
  • Perform through its attorneys at law all acts and enter all contracts allowed by law, as required for Profonanpe’s operation.
  • Grant, amend and revoke general and specific powers of attorney as required for the organization’s management.
  • Oversee institutional resource management, in line with the organization’s objectives.
  • Approve the previous fiscal year’s financial statements and annual report within the first quarter of each year.
  • Accept - and, when appropriate, make a judgment about– the reports and opinions of the independent external auditors. Audited reports will be public and sent to the donors.
  • Establish terms and conditions for submitting programs and projects as needed, commission investigations or audits for evaluating financed projects’ results and the appropriate use of allocated resources.
  • Decide, if it so deems appropriate, on investigations or audits to assess the results of financial projects and the appropriate use of allocated resources.
  • Approve the agreements to be signed regarding new contributions and ensure that financial programs are framed within such agreements’ guidelines.
  • Approve the general and specific conditions that will govern the financial agreements signed between Profonanpe and implementers of selected projects.
  • Approve amendments to the by-laws.