They need us too! Join to help the wildlife of Peru

They need us too! Join to help the wildlife of Peru

16 de abril 2020
campaña serfor

Like all zoos and similar establishments in the world, Peruvian breeding centers are facing economic problems because they have had to close their doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so they do not have their main source of income, which is the visit of the public.

The owners of the establishments have been facing the feeding and care of the animals with the resources they had at the time of the start of social immobility, but now the situation threatens to become critical, putting our wildlife at risk.

That is why we joined Serfor and the Ministry of Agriculture campaign to support the 143 breeding centers of our country, who work hard every day to rehabilitate wild animals recovered from illegal trafficking.

How to help? You can donate for food and care here:

National Currency Savings Account (soles)
CUENTA BCP: 191 98302549 0 02        
CUENTA INTERBANCARIA: 002 191 198302549002 56        

Foreign Currency Savings Account​​​​​​​ (dollar)
CUENTA BCP: 191 98302554 1 07        
CUENTA INTERBANCARIA: 002 191 198302554107 55    


For food donations you can call or write by WhatsApp to: 947 582 250 or 947 588 269