Amazonas: Strategy for regional development around sustainable use of biodiversity will be presented

Amazonas: Strategy for regional development around sustainable use of biodiversity will be presented

August 6, 2016

Lima, November 13th, 2015.-  This November, Friday 13th, will presented the work agenda of Amazonas Regional Government around the sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources, at the auditorium of Bagua’s Subregional Management, in the presences of several authorities and representatives from public and private institutions that work in the strengthening of biodiversity’s management in Amazonas.

This meeting is organized by the Regional Government of Amazonas, through the Environmental Regional Authority (ARA for its acronym in Spanish) and the Economic Development Management, the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by Government (Sernanp) and the Peruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas (Profonanpe); as part of the closures activities for the Pronanp project.

The Pronanp project has been executed since 2010, as a tool for Sernanp and the regional governments to facilitate the implementation of policies to make viable the country’s biodiversity conservation.

It has supported the conformation and strengthening of the Environmental Regional Authority (ARA) in Amazonas, through the design and regulatory, technical and instrumental development. With this innovation, the Natural Resources Administration could be transformed, from three people, into an Environmental Regional Authority that currently has, 46 people with roles oriented to environmental governance.

Also, the Executive Direction of Forest and Wild Fauna Administration was implemented, achieving with it the transferences of roles from the forest sector to the ARA. 

The ARA has decentralized its functions and has presence in all provinces, where they’re promoting the implementation of the Environmental Administration System and the articulation of the protected areas.

Also, as part of the central management strategy to face the intense deforestation in the region, and having as its main base the involvement of the local population in the biodiversity’s conservation tasks, they have been supporting the establishment of conservation concessions.

The project Strengthening Biodiversity’s Conservation through the National Program of Natural Protected Areas (Pronanp) is implemented, since the year 2010, as a support for Sernanp to make viable the integrates administration of conservation and to guarantee its sustainability through the articulation of natural protected areas to larger territorial dynamics. For this, the project has promoted the work with regional government and has focused in strengthening their regional conservation systems.

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