Institutional Policies




In this section you will find all of Profonanpe’s policies for the implementation of programs and projects in Peru, regarding fiduciary standards and environmental, social and gender safeguards. Public and private institutions and independent consultants that are currently executing projects with funds managed by Profonanpe must develop their activities in the framework of the following policies, which are in correspondence with the donors’ requirements.


Environmental, Social and Gender Policy

Aware of the need to count on safeguards for the prevention of possible impacts over the environment and the population during the execution of programs and projects, Profonanpe has adopted a group of environmental, social and gender policies (referred to as safeguards), whose goal is to avoid, mitigate and manage such impacts and adverse environmental and social risks, as well as improving the environmental and social benefits and opportunities for the local populations involved.


Under this perspective, safeguards constitute a management tool that allows men and women to exert their rights during the program and/or project design and implementation, thus contributing to improve their livelihood.


Download Profonanpe’s Environmental, Social and Gender Policy here.


Administrative Guidelines

These are a group of rules and administrative procedures under which all of the programs and projects managed by Profonanpe should be implemented. These guidelines regulate the funds disbursement processes, the accountability, the procurement of services, goods and constructions, the evaluation of products’ quality and their approval, among other procedures.


These administrative guidelines are part of Profonanpe’s policies, therefore their application is mandatory for those who have access to the funds, whether they are public, private, natural or legal persons.


Download Profonanpe’s Administrative Guidelines here.