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Investment projects with local populations

Team work and internal structure



Profonanpe’s experts come from a range of professional fields including biology, forest engineering, economics, accounting, management, and communications, among others.

It is organized as follows:

Executive Director

With main responsibility for daily managing and supervising the organization’s programs and projects and raise fresh funding. The Executive Director is also the organization’s legal representative.

Our Executive Director’s main functions include:

  • Enter into all kinds of legal actions and agreements.
  • Prepare and submit to the Steering Council the annual financial statements and annual management report and substantiate them in the ad hoc Council meeting.
  • Work together with SERNANP to prioritize Natural Protected Areas and comply with Profonanpe’s goals.
  • Offer SERNANP technical assistance.
  • Be responsible for the custody and proper use of Profonanpe’s resources.
  • Invite consultants to perform program and project assessments.
  • Provide the budget funds for proper functioning of the Technical Committee.
  • Design and implement the fund raising strategy for Profonanpe’s programs and projects.

The current Executive Director is Anton Willems Delanoy. 

Administration and Finance

Manage the institution, follow up investments and manage administration and finance of programs and projects. Present director: Christian Bueno.

Development and Supervision

Technical follow up and monitoring of programs and projects managed, implemented and funded by Profonanpe; program and project conceptual development, planning, and oversight. Present director: Claudia Godfrey.