Development and Supervision of Programs and Projects

Profonanpe’s Development and Supervision Direction leads at a technical level the management of programs and projects (P&P) in their different stages, a job that goes from the design up to the monitoring and evaluation of the actions that have been planned.

All the activities to be executed are coordinated with the corresponding actors involved, depending on the role that Profonanpe has, whether as an administrator of the fund, as the implementing institution (intermediary of the donation) or as an executor of the P&P (administration, execution and follow up of the activities, monitoring and evaluation of results).

Through the actions of the DDS, Profonanpe secures the convenient development of the P&P cycle, incorporating on its methodology the Knowledge Management, which considers the systematization of the experiences and lessons learned.

Among the main processes the DDS leads we can mentions the following:

  • Design

    During the design stage, the DDS works in the development of ideas or concepts for P&P, identifying which are the needs and opportunities that are currently present in the areas of biodiversity’s conservation and climate change. Once these P&P ideas are grounded, it leads and supervises the execution of diagnosis and baseline preparatory studies for the formulation of the proposals, through the consultancies that may be required.

    As part of this design stage, the DDS also secures that the proposed P&P are aligned with the specific requirements from each donor, in compliance with the institutional gender, environmental and social safeguards.

  • Planning

    Due to the innovative nature of Profonanpe, the DDS leads at a technical level and in coordination with the Administration and Finances Direction, the organization and scheduling of the P&P that are administrated and/or executed by the institution, procuring that the financial intermediation is agile and the implementation of the corresponding processes comes in the easiest way possible.

    Also, it actively participates in the coordination for the elaboration and execution of Profonanpe’s Annual Operative Plan.

  • Coordination and Follow-up

    The DDS secure de adequate interaction of the institution with the different actors that are involved in the execution of the P&P –public or private institutions–, this through the coordination of institutional activities, the constant supervision of the actions development and the review of the technical aspects in the contracts and agreements that are being executed. The constant support the DDS provides to the teams implementing the P&P is key.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    The DDS, in coordination with the institution and/or executioner team for the P&P&, develops a Monitoring and Evaluation system, verifying the compliance of (i) the technical aspects established in the contracts and agreements that have been subscribed; (ii) the goals and results contemplated in the P&P documents; and (iii) the institutional safeguards required by each donor. Also, the DDS coordinates the execution of field supervision and evaluation missions, as is required.

  • Knowledge Management

    The DDS leads and supervises the systematization of the relevant experiences and lessons learned that come up from the execution of the P&P where Profonanpe is participating. Once the information is systematized, it’s published and disseminated, as part of the institution’s Knowledge Management.