Get to know us

Profonanpe is a not-for-profit private entity of public interest. It specializes in efficiently raising and managing financial resources aimed at implementing programs and projects that contribute to biodiversity conservation, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

With more than 20 years of successful institutional work, Profonanpe has consolidated as the most important environmental fund in Peru. Since its foundation it has being characterized as an institution specialized in creating, developing and implementing innovative processes in fund management, participatory management and private company engagement.

Profonanpe’s experience during its more than 20 years of work has allowed it to test fundamental institutional components. Profonanpe’s foundational seed capital endowment laid down the institution’s foundations and provided funding for conservation activities in natural protected areas.

This design has also led the government and its international partners to commit resources through debt for nature swaps. Besides, Profonanpe is the first organization of its kind designed with trust fund management in mind.

Profonanpe continues to work across Peru through its synergies and alliances with public and private institutions, as well as international bilateral and multilateral organizations and foundations, uniting efforts towards the shared good of conserving nature.